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Dakshaini Silks Pte Ltd was founded by CEO and director Mrs. Rani Kumar. Mrs. Rani was born and raised in the district of Little India, Singapore. Her humble story began in a small house in 1956 at no. 10 Race Course Road. After her early years in primary and secondary school she started a course in private secretaryship at the Stamford College. Here she grew adept at skills such as shorthand, accounting and human resource management. She worked as a confidential stenographer and confidential secretary at TATA Precision Industries Private Limited from 1974-1979. From here she moved to Tolaram Precision Private Limited as a confidential executive secretary to the Chief Executive and then to the Vice President of Tolaram Precision Private Limited from 1979 – 1985. From 1986 – 1991 she took some time to be with her family but still took on temporary assignments as Confidential secretary to numerous companies on short term basis.  

In 1991 Mrs. Rani Kumar turned her attention back to the district where she was born and entered as an entrepreneur in the textile retail sector. After working on her brand for a year and a half, she established Dakshaini Silks Private Limited together with her husband Captain RajakumarThe showroom and designer boutique established on the 9th of September 1992 was inaugurated to bring sophistication and beauty to the saree scene in the Little India district and Singapore.  

Dakshaini Silks Private Limited remains the only locally grown saree company still in existence. We are pioneers in many advancements the saree market has seen in the Little India district and Singapore. We were the first to introduce personalised designer blouses in the early 90’s. We brought it stain guard sarees soon after. We were also the first to offer blouse embroidery with talented tailors brought in from India. We have developed our network of weavers and manufacturers to include all the main saree and textile centres of India. A trip to our boutique would be equivalent to weeks of touring Kanchipuram, Mysore and Kashmir, just to name a few regions, in search of sarees and textile. 

Our Boutique in Singapore is also where we curate selections intended for the Asia Pacific Market. As Saree traditionalists, and culturalists we are ambassadors of this iconic feminine garment to South East Asia and beyond. We hold annual Saree exhibitions and sales in Sydney and Melbourne. We also do online sales to customers from South East Asia, East Asia, Europe and North America with world wide delivery. Our Clients are saree enthusiasts who hail from around the world. Join us on this exciting journey of flawless beauty and extravagance with Dakshaini Silks together with our CEO madam Rani kumar and family.